About Us

Advancing roadway safety

The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), represents the roadway safety infrastructure industry with effective legislative advocacy, traffic control safety training, and a far-reaching member partnership. ATSSA helps shift the focus of transportation towards saving lives and reducing injuries.

ATSSA's core purpose is to advance roadway safety.

  • ATSSA members accomplish the advancement of roadway safety through the design, manufacture, and installation of road safety and traffic control devices.
  • ATSSA brings together members, road safety experts, and public agencies to identify and solve road safety issues.
  • ATSSA's primary focus is to move Toward Zero Deaths on our nation’s roads.

ATSSA was incorporated in 1970 as an International Trade Association. ATSSA is a member partnership comprised of approximately 1,500 companies representing over 11,000 industry professionals in the sign manufacturing, pavement marking, guardrail and barrier, traffic services, and traffic signals technical divisions.

ATSSA's Strategic Goals:

  • Members utilize ATSSA as their primary resource for business success.
  • ATSSA is the industry champion for the integration of emerging and innovative roadway safety technologies.
  • ATSSA is the leading advocate for roadway safety.
  • ATSSA serves and represents its members and influences a comprehensive network of other stakeholders to make roadways safer.

50 years of driving the industry