State Government Relations

State Gov Relations

Your voice in your state Capitol

Check out state bills of relevance to ATSSA members on our interactive state policy map (ATSSA members only).

To fulfill the Association’s mission of advancing roadway safety and better serve our members, ATSSA has developed a state government relations programs that looks to involve local ATSSA chapters in state-level grassroots efforts.

ATSSA’s State Government Relations staff works across the country with our active chapters to host state advocacy days, meeting with elected officials and pushing for policies that invest in roadway safety infrastructure and make our roads safer.

Interested in getting your local ATSSA chapter involved? Contact the ATSSA Government Relations team at or 202-733-1245.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)


The SHSP is a major part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act has continued HSIP as an important federal-aid program to assist state departments of transportation (DOTs).

SHSP is a coordinated safety plan on the state level that provides states with a framework for reducing serious injuries and fatalities on our nation’s roadways. A SHSP identifies a state’s safety needs and guides DOTs with investment decisions toward proven and effective countermeasures.

The comprehensive plan establishes goals, objectives and focus areas for each state that focus on education, engineering, emergency medical services and enforcement. SHSPs provide state partners with an ability to align goals and priorities, leverage resources and address roadway safety challenges. Learn more about the SHSP.

Get Involved With Your State’s SHSP

Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSP) are a state-level safety plan designed by state departments of transportation to outline and address a state’s roadway safety needs. The plan is designed to provide guidance on investments and actions that eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on our nation’s roadways.

ATSSA chapters are encouraged to become involved in the SHSP planning process as part of the Association’s state-level grassroots efforts. To get involved, contact the ATSSA Government Relations team at