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ATSSA board members reflect on association involvement, share how they will advance roadway safety

Longstanding association members bring expertise and industry knowledge to help advance roadway safety

At the heart of ATSSA are dedicated members in the roadway safety infrastructure industry that tirelessly to advance the association’s mission of roadway safety and moving Toward Zero Deaths on our nation’s roadways.

ATSSA’s board of directors help set the tone for the strategic objectives and efforts to collectively lead the association in addressing critical issues within the roadway safety infrastructure industry.

Meet the 2019 ATSSA Board of Directors

ATSSA Chair Juan Arvizu, Arvizu, chief operating officer for Pavement Marking Inc.

Arvizu has been committed to the roadway safety infrastructure industry for years. In 2019, his goals are to sustain the positive developments that are in progress, support the association staff in their work to provide high quality service to all ATSSA members, and continue to communicate the industry’s role in the development of Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology.

Arvizu also encourages all members to communicate to him what the association is doing well, as well as areas where it can improve and grow.

“I’m a member of a lot of associations, and I’ve got to say this is one of the best groups I’ve been involved in, in the two decades I’ve been a member of the association,” said Arvizu.

ATSSA Chair-Elect Greg Driskell, president & founder of Professional Pavement Products

Driskell has been in the roadway safety infrastructure industry for 29 years and has been an ATSSA member for about two decades. Driskell took on a leadership role to influence the decisions and direction of the industry and become part of a team that makes a difference in the world.

I feel I am both a teacher and a student. I take that approach with these roles,” Driskell said. “I do my best to share the benefit of my experience, but at the same time, learn from other’s experiences.”

Former Chair Deb Ricker, president of Worksafe Traffic Control Industries

Ricker has been in the industry since 1985 and first became a member of ATSSA in 1989, when she attended her first annual Convention & Traffic Expo. Ricker first began taking on leadership roles within ATSSA when she became interested in state government relations work and began attending ATSSA Government Relation Committee meetings, eventually becoming committee chair.

“It has been a very rewarding experience,” Ricker said. “I hope that I have made some positive contributions back to the industry and I definitely know that from a personnel level I have acquired many positive skills.”

Former Chair Scott Seeley, Traffic Control Products market manager for Orafol Americas

Seeley got his start in the industry in 2000 through providing resins to thermoplastic pavement marking companies, first joining ATSSA in 2001. After becoming more involved with ATSSA’s government relations efforts, Seeley took on his first leadership role as vice chair of the Government Relations Committee, before serving in various leadership roles within the association.

“With the amount of consolidation, we have seen in our industry, we are seeing a shrinking pool of new leaders coming up in the pipeline. Having a strong and diverse leadership pool throughout all our member categories is paramount to the future of our association,” said Seeley.

At-Large Director Doug Dolinar, president of Guidemark Inc.

Dolinar has been in the industry for 39 years and first became an ATSSA member about 25 years ago.

“It's rewarding to know I am contributing to the safety and wellbeing of, not just my own employees, but other ATSSA members as well,” Dolinar said.

At-Large Director Cecil Brown, national sales & marketing manager for Hill & Smith Inc.

Brown has been in the roadway safety infrastructure industry and a member of ATSSA for nine years. He said taking on a leadership role afforded him the opportunity to meet people and learn about how their companies contribute to the improvement of transportation safety across the country.

“I would like to contribute to ATSSA’s progress in the years to come by helping to identify opportunities for growth and improvement, specifically as it relates to technology and our ever-evolving transportation system,” said Brown.

At-Large Director Scott Marion, president of Lindsay Transportation Solutions’ Infrastructure Division

Marion has been in the industry for eight years and became an ATSSA member seven years ago. He said the industry is in the midst of a standards transition to the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) and there remains uncertainty over a number of topics relating to this transition.

“I would like to assist in the successful transition to MASH, advocate for innovations that improve the safety of workers and motorist and promote improvements in our industry which will help ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for all companies involved,” Marion said.

At-Large Director David Preston, president & CEO of Safety Striping Services, Inc.

Preston has been in the construction industry for 48 years and in the roadway safety infrastructure industry for 26 years, when he also first joined ATSSA. He first took on a leadership role as a chapter board member, then became treasurer before becoming a chapter president.

“I am passionate about the industry and the best way to work through our issues is to participate, whether it be advocacy or being part of solving industry technical problems,” Preston said.

Guardrail Services Division Director, David Rich, president of Site-Safe, LLC

Rich has been in the industry for 18 years and joined ATSSA in 2002. According to Rich, his opportunity to work with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and government officials, has allowed him to be an effective intermediary and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“When I received the nomination to join American Traffic Safety Services Association’s Board of Director’s on January 13, 2017 the word guardrail was under severe media scrutiny,” Rich said. “With continued support from our membership we’re turning the ship around through education and positive messaging campaigns such as the campaign ‘Guardrails Saves Lives.’”

Pavement Marking Division Director Cindy Williams, president of Time Striping Inc.

Williams has been in the industry for 20 years and has been involved with ATSSA for about 10 years. Williams said she has not only met many industry professionals and gained knowledge from those relationships, but has also used it when making decisions on behalf of the association’s membership.

“I want to continue to look long range at issues that affect our industry and know that we are being forward thinking and moving our industry in the right direction,” Williams said.

Manufacturers & Suppliers Division Director Larry Boise, president & CEO of Franklin Paint Company, Inc.

Boise has been a member of ATSSA for nearly a decade and has about 15 years of experience in the roadway safety infrastructure industry. Boise said he hopes to help steer ATSSA into the future.

“There are many benefits to being an ATSSA member. I’m a firm believer in staying ahead—it's better to know what's happening and being a part of making it happen than it is to wait for new information, advancements, or change to come at you,” Boise said. “If you can influence it a couple years in advance then it helps mitigate surprises.”

Sign Manufacturers Division Director Tim Bradley, manager, key accounts for Custom Products Corporation

Bradley has been in the industry and an ATSSA member for 21 years. He said he was drawn to assuming leadership roles to advance roadway safety awareness within the industry and on Capitol Hill, and to engage with other industry leaders.

“I’ve learned so much from fellow board members, past chairs, and ATSSA staff. And, I’m grateful for the professional development opportunities that Custom Products Corp has afforded me and can only hope that other employers will continue to follow suit,” Bradley said.

Traffic Safety Services Director Ben Capel, treasurer for the Guardway Corporation

Capel has worked in the industry since the early 1980s and has been an active ATSSA member since 2005. After becoming more involved, Capel said he was able to see how much the association provides its members.

“In some small way, I hope to help advance roadway safety and save lives,” Capel said. “It should be exciting to be a part of this quickly evolving new marketplace for all ATSSA members.”

Traffic Safety Services Director Jeff Johnson, CEO of Trafficade Service Inc.

Johnson has been in the industry and an ATSSA member for 29 years. In addition to networking with members, and serving on different committees and the board, Johnson said he enjoys being an integral part of the association.

“I believe we are in the continuous state of improvement, and I’m happy to contribute. Some key areas I wish to focus on include finding eligible workers, enforcement of quality and specifications, MASH compliance, and concerns about CAVs,” said Johnson.

ATSSA board members of past and present came together for the 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in Tampa.

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