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ATSSA membership benefits support roadway safety industry

Association offers ways to advocate, save, connect, communicate, and contribute

As the leader in the roadway safety infrastructure industry, ATSSA is committed to ensuring members are equipped with the knowledge and opportunities to innovate and grow. Nationally, ATSSA is comprised of more than 1,500 member companies and branches.

ATSSA is where roadway safety and infrastructure meet. The association has a variety of efforts to support members in growing their business and advancing roadway safety. Some of these benefits include advocacy opportunities at the state and federal level, chances to lead their chapter in local efforts, networking with others in the industry, high quality training, and access to information that helps keep their business on target for the future.

“ATSSA is the only association that focuses solely on roadway safety infrastructure. If you are in this industry, this is where you need to be,” said ATSSA’s Vice President of Member Services Donna Clark. “There are many reasons for individuals to have representation by an association like ATSSA. Being a member of an organization of like-minded people gives you the opportunity to stay abreast of what's happening in the marketplace and to toss ideas around with others who may be experiencing similar problems that you might be going through. It's also a good way to connect with new and existing customers.”

ATSSA’s Director of Member Engagement Rita Rose said becoming a member allows you to invest in your future.

“Every year we're expanding on the member benefits program,” Rose said. “We're expanding their package and this year we're looking to add online communities. We're looking to add to our new member savings program. The member savings program includes perks such as discounts. It's cost savings for our members.”

Rose said the association provides opportunities each year to connect with its members and work toward zero deaths on our nation’s roadways. One opportunity for members to connect is through ATSSA’s Annual Convention & Traffic Expo that brings more than 3,500 individuals together to share their innovative products, and hold discussions that shape the future of the roadway safety infrastructure industry.

During these opportunities, ATSSA gets members to the table with public agency officials, which facilitates dialogue to address the needs for roadway safety devices and services in the industry. In these interactions, members are informed about ways they can help solve or improve different traffic control devices or operations, and increase safety for roadway workers, while growing their business.

Additionally, Rose said ATSSA is looking at ways to provide more information about membership benefits in the coming year.

According to Clark, members get a higher return on their investment than other associations in the industry. For every dollar spent, members receive $2.40 in return in benefits.

Both Clark and Rose also highlighted the importance of advocacy as an ATSSA member benefit.

“We're the only organization that is working on Capitol Hill to secure funding for roadway safety infrastructure,” Clark said. “We provide one unified voice for advocacy to ensure we secure our funding. That is a major focal point in our efforts to support our members.”

ATSSA has the most widely accepted roadway safety training programs in the country, according to Clark. Nearly all states recognize ATSSA as a high-quality option for roadway workers to receive training. ATSSA member and Master Instructor Brad Henry said he’s found his membership to be very beneficial.

“ATSSA has a large network and provides many opportunities for me to show what's out on the market and what's going to work best for an industry member's situation. I couldn't do that without ATSSA because I'm involved in so many capacities within the association,” Henry said. “I've been on the contractor side, I'm on the manufacturing side, and I also have been training for ATSSA since 2013. Training is a prime example of how I'm able to show different specifications and how to correctly apply various products, so all roadway workers nationwide are properly installing devices. It’s so important to be active with ATSSA by joining your local chapter - it helps with information sharing and shaping where the industry needs to go.”

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