Committees & Councils

Committees and Councils

The work of the committee initiates and shapes policy

ATSSA depends on the dedication and commitment of its members to ensure the vitality of the Association’s progress. Each year, hundreds of members serve on committees.

Why join a committee or council?
  • Make your voice count in the industry
  • Participate in a forum to exchange expertise
  • Guide policies and advocate policy positions
  • Make critical connections
  • Learn about upcoming trade trends
  • Review and resolve road safety and infrastructure issues

Interested in serving on a committee or council?

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ATSSA Committees, Councils & Task Forces

The Association carries out its work through a complex structure of committees and subcommittees, councils and task forces. Each group has a specific purpose, defined at the time it is established.

  • Chapter Presidents’ Council - Reviews Chapters’ activities, Bylaws and structure.
  • Government Relations Committee - Guides our Towards Zero Deaths initiative and helps to direct our federal advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.
  • Guardrail Committee - Reviews and discusses industry standards, specifications reviews, trends and issues.
  • High Friction Surface Treatment Council - Promotes the safety benefits derived from utilizing high friction surfacing treatments as a speed countermeasure.
  • Innovation Council - Provides technical expertise to members and government agencies on innovation of roadway issues.
  • Member Engagement Committee - Develops and reviews strategies and programs for ATSSA membership recruiting and retention.
  • Operating Committee - Responsible for establishing and coordinating the activities of all standing committees, temporary committees, independent task forces and the Certification Board with the approval of the Board.
  • PAC Oversight Committee - Promotes contribution and funding for roadway safety initiatives and policy.
  • Pavement Marking Committee - Identifies and discusses issues, trends and best practices.
  • Roadway Worker Protection Council - Focuses on worker safety with the goal of mitigating risk and reducing fatalities and/or serious injuries.
  • Safety and Public Awareness Committee - Develops strategies and tools to advance roadway safety to a broad audience.
  • SHSP Council - Brings together ATSSA members who serve on their state's Strategic Highway Safety Planning (SHSP) committees.
  • Sign Committee - Utilizes task forces and subcommittees to improve positive sign visibility and assists in the promotion of safer roadways.
  • Temporary Traffic Control Committee - Reviews and acts on various issues related to work zones, vehicle travel times and new regulations in temporary traffic control.
  • Traffic Signals Committee - Enhancing infrastructure safety by embracing new technology solutions, such as connected vehicle infrastructure.
  • Women in Roadway Safety Council - Provides a forum for current and aspiring female leaders in the industry to network, develop as leaders, mentor one another and gain recognition.


Procedures for Standing Committees


Committee leaders, visit the Committee Toolbox for access to resources.


For more information about serving on a committee or council, contact ATSSA at



Call for Nominations for ATSSA Board of Directors and Operating Committee Positions


Each year, ATSSA members volunteer to create and disseminate knowledge, influence public policy and maintain a strong organization. These leaders serve on the Board of Directors, the Operating Committee and committees. The work of the Association could not be accomplished without the time and expertise of these volunteers who work tirelessly to further ATSSA’s mission and goals.

Show your commitment to the American Traffic Safety Services Association and help shape the future of roadway safety! You may nominate yourself or a committed ATSSA colleague. This year we will elect six Board Members and six Operating Committee Representatives. Nominating candidates for leadership roles is a valuable service to the association and your thoughtful participation in this process is greatly appreciated.


Call for Nominations Information


Understanding the Nomination and Election Process

The Association is only as strong as its leadership; therefore, we have established a vetting process in developing our future leadership.

  1. An annual call for nominations is made.
  2. Members wishing to serve on the ATSSA Board of Directors or Operating Committee can submit a Volunteer Leadership Application online.
  3. The Leadership Committee, responsible for directing the development of the leadership of the association and to serve as the Nominating Committee for the Association, will review the current composition of the Board and Operating Committee and set annual priorities for the slate of nominees to ensure the desired balance of competencies and diversity on these groups. The committee shall take into account factors such as leadership succession, leadership ability, skill, knowledge, and experience of applicants; and recognize the diversity of the Association, ensuring greater diversity in business, gender, experience and ethnicity of nominees.
  4. In certain cases, a member of the Leadership Committee will contact applicants to collect more information about their strengths and needs.
  5. At least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting, a list of official nominations will be sent to all representative members. Nominees other than those selected by the Leadership Committee may be proposed by petition signed by at least ten (10) percent of the appropriate member classes of the association.
  6. At least forty (40) days prior to the annual meeting, ballots with the “official nominations” will be sent to each representative member and will close fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting.
  7. At the annual meeting the results of the balloting will be reported. Those elected shall take office immediately at the annual meeting


Specific volunteer opportunities include:

  • Nomination to the ATSSA Board of Directors as divisional or at-large director.
  • Nomination to the Operating Committee as divisional or at large representative.


Any level commitment is important to the ongoing success of our organization and we welcome members to apply.


To apply for a position on the Board of Directors or Operating Committee, complete the Volunteer Leadership Application. 


To refer someone for a leadership position, complete the Volunteer Leader Referral Form


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