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ATSSA members seeking a small business loan have the advantage of SBA Loan Group in their corner. SBA offers ATSSA members application assistance, analysis and consultation from their knowledgeable and professional staff. Members also receive a $500 discount on their application fee. This reduced rate is a one-time, per loan, cost that can be used for multiple bank inquiries for the same loan. The fee is fully refundable if the loan doesn’t go through. Businesses that use SBA Loans to assist in their financial needs, often see their loans come through in 60 days or less. With the power of the SBA (government agency) behind your company provides a 75% guarantee to banks, creating a secure and favorable loan application for banks. A quick 10-minute phone call with SBA Loan Group can determine your eligibility. Call 540-346-4440 for details.

Learn about Disaster Loan Assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.