Member and Industry Awards

National Award Winners 2019

Each year, ATSSA honors and recognizes deserving professionals and companies for a variety of industry awards. Nominate those who have made a significant contribution to the roadway safety infrastructure industry. All national winners are recognized during ATSSA's Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.

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National Safety Award

For more than 30 years, ATSSA members have honored and recognized public officials with the National Safety Award. This person must employed by a government agency (or retired from a government agency within the last two years) and has made a significant contribution to the safety of our nation’s highways. Only ATSSA members may submit a nomination.

Nomination deadline: Aug. 7, 2020

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National Media Award

ATSSA's National Media Award* recognizes a reporter/news organization, blogger, or freelancer, who has been fair, balanced, and informative in reporting transportation-related issues on radio, television, newspaper, and/or the web. Journalists play an important role in telling the public what's happening in our communities and on our roadways. Only employees of Department of Transportation (DOT) communications offices may submit a nomination.

*Employees of a government agency, highway department, or DOT communications office are NOT eligible for this award.

Nomination deadline: Oct. 16, 2020

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Industry Achievement Award

The Industry Achievement Award (originally called the "Pioneer Achievement Award") is intended to recognize ATSSA members who achieve distinction deemed worthy of special recognition. It is a means of acknowledging members who have attained eminence in the roadway safety infrastructure industry and/or who have made unusually significant contributions to ATSSA. This prestigious award is presented annually to a current member of ATSSA or was a member for a minimum of 10 years. Only ATSSA members may submit a nomination.

Nomination deadline: Nov. 15, 2020

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Mark Of Excellence Award

The Mark of Excellence recognizes an individual’s outstanding contribution to the pavement marking industry and ATSSA. It is awarded by the ATSSA Pavement Marking Division (PMD) and Manufacturers and Suppliers Division (MSD) of ATSSA membership. The nominee need not be a member of either the PMD or MSD, but must currently be a member of ATSSA or have been a member for a minimum of 10 years and have advanced roadway safety infrastructure through improved pavement markings. Only regular* PMD or MSD members may submit a nomination.

*Regular Member – Any individual who is a full-time employee of either a Full, Associate, or International member company, or any person who is an Individual Consultant, or a Manufacturers Representative Member of this Association qualifies as a Regular Member of ATSSA (ATSSA Bylaws Version 1.1, 07/27/2018).

Nomination deadline: Oct. 30, 2020

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Learn about the award criteria and process. Download the nomination form.

ATSS Foundation Champion Award

The ATSS Foundation Champion Award recognizes individuals or entities who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in supporting The Foundation’s core purpose of promoting roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness programs. Through their own unique combination of passion, and skills, champions inspire others to get involved and give back to our industry.

Nominations are considered three times a year in conjunction with Foundation Board meetings (March, July, and November).

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Innovation Award

Exhibitors at ATSSA's Annual Convention & Traffic Expo are encouraged to apply for the New Products Rollout (NPRO) event and its innovative opportunities, which are designed to help gain the maximum exposure for new products. Approved participants may vie for a prestigious ATSSA Innovation Award, which recognizes the top three innovative products displayed at Traffic Expo that are entered in the ATSSA NPRO Presentation.

Application deadline: Dec. 1, 2020

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