Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Program

Get the tools you need to train your team

ATSSA has developed a program that enables organizations to deliver high-quality training at their own sites, and on their own schedules and with a low cost structure. This program ensures the continuity of standardized training in which we take great pride and one in which you can place your full confidence.


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Program Benefits

  • Lowers training costs - your approved instructors can train your employees at your own site
  • Provides flexibility in scheduling training that is convenient to your company or workload schedule
  • Provides the ability to train all staff levels within your company's workforce
  • Provides your company with the highest quality training materials
  • High-caliber instructors to train your approved instructors


Instructor Eligibility Requirements

The instructor must meet the following requirements before applying:

  • Civil engineering degree or equivalent experience/education (as determined by ATSSA)
  • Minimum five years of experience in intended course topic(s)
  • Demonstrated teaching experience
  • Passing score of 90% or greater in the courses you intend to teach
  • Certification in the courses you intend to teach, as applicable


Participation Requirements

  1. The company agrees not to contract with any other (competing) resource to provide training relating to company employees.
  2. The company will schedule and provide ATSSA training as needed.
  3. The company agrees to exclusively endorse ATSSA training.
  4. The company agrees to provide a safe environment for training courses that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  5. The company must provide the equipment necessary to instruct training courses (i.e., laptop, LCD projector and any other associated devices).
  6. The company must coordinate and pay for the trained instructors to attend the annual two-day ATSSA Master Instructors meeting. This meeting is normally held during the summer.
  7. The company will pay ATSSA a royalty fee for each student trained and a certification fee for each student that is certified.



Will be determined once all responsibilities and duties are agreed upon.


Administrative Requirements

  1. The company will print all course materials or purchase materials from ATSSA. ATSSA must approve all printed materials.
  2. The company will schedule and provide training courses.
  3. The company will coordinate all related logistics associated with scheduled training courses.
  4. The instructor will grade student examinations and forward the pass/fail information to employees.
  5. The company will forward all training course rosters and graded examinations to ATSSA headquarters.
  6. The company agrees to assist the employees that are qualified to become certified in the completion of their certification application, and further agrees to forward the application and certification fee to ATSSA headquarters.
  7. The company agrees to provide each student with an application for continuing education units.
  8. The company must include the ATSSA logo in all course materials and promotional items. ATSSA must approve all materials.
  9. The company must pay all fees/royalties within 30 days of training course completion


Quality Control Requirements

  • Only approved corporate training program instructors will present ATSSA courses. Company will immediately and accurately update all materials upon their receipt from ATSSA.
  • Company will retain a training log of all students.
  • Company will require each student to complete a course evaluation.
  • Company will forward completed course evaluations to ATSSA headquarters.
  • ATSSA will periodically evaluate students.


ATSSA Responsibilities

  • The current ATSSA chief instructor will train a specific number of qualified instructors in identified training programs.
  • Provide the corporate training partner with electronic access to all applicable course materials and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Provide the corporate training partner with electronic versions of all course content revisions and updates as they occur.
  • Review all course materials.
  • Enter all corporate training program student information received by the instructor into the ATSSA database.
  • Provide students with a certificate of completion for the training course attended.
  • Conduct standard verification procedures on certification applications and notifications when certifications are due to expire.
  • Allow the instructor to proctor recertification examinations at a normal published fee per student.


For more information about the Corporate Training Program, please call 540-368-1701 or email