Temporary Traffic Control for New Hires

Temporary Traffic Control for New Hires

This course provides an introductory overview of temporary traffic control (TTC), suitable for new hires or current employees who need to learn basic information about TTC. It is designed to serve as fundamental onboarding tool, providing roadway safety professionals with real world examples and an enhanced understanding of the critical role they play in traffic safety.


This course is available for in-house classroom training that can typically be completed within two hours. An online option is under development. The course is organized in modular format that allows students and instructors to choose the most appropriate topics based on their job function and needs after completing the mandatory introductory module. Available modules include: Introduction to TTC, TTC Applications, Installation and Removal of TTC, Flagging Operations, High Visibility Safety Apparel and Personal Protective Equipment, and Short-Term and Short-Duration Maintenance and Utility Work.


Additional Format Details:

Digital, instructor-led:
An employee with the necessary training skills (trainer) can present the course in-house, in-person, after choosing some or all available modules. The digital course format includes a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying script for each module (sent to the purchaser via email), which can be presented all at once or in segments. A comprehensive list of resources is also provided. The trainer should have basic knowledge of temporary traffic control to effectively convey concepts and answer questions. This format is NOT intended for an individual to train themself.


Online, self-paced (available later in 2022):
This format is designed for individual students who are comfortable learning on their own in an online environment. It is ideal for companies without the available time, staff, etc. to train their own employees.


Target Audience: Traffic control companies, highway contractors, transportation agencies, newly hired construction and maintenance personnel.


Course Facts:

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Course Length: Self-paced
  • Formats: Digital; Online (available later in 2022)
  • CEUs: N/A
  • Purchase Fees:
    • Electronic: $179 Members, $199 Non-members
    • Online: pricing to come
  • Order the Digital Course (view Terms & Conditions): Purchase now