Workplace Training

If your company is facing challenges tackling its normal duties, now is the perfect time to take advantage of ATSSA’s new on-demand training courses covering human resources and workplace safety issues.

Training includes human resources topics such as how to hire legally, hours-of-service rules, workers’ compensation, workplace privacy and sexual harassment prevention and response. Workplace safety topics comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and include tips for avoiding injuries, identifying hazardous materials, working outdoors and working around heavy equipment. Some courses are offered in Spanish as well as English.

Registration fees (online only):

  • ATSSA members: $24
  • Non-members: $27

Highlighted courses

Pandemic Course

Acute Respiratory Pandemics Training: Prevention & Response

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PPE training

PPE Training: What employees need to know

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Sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
State courses meet state-specific requirements. Find a course

Human Resources and Harassment Prevention Courses

Do your supervisors need to know how to manage their employees? Does your company need to understand how to hire legally? Do your supervisors or employees need to learn about workplace harassment? These online courses for your supervisors and workforce will help them improve their skills.

DOT Alcohol and Drug Training for Supervisors

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The main objective of this session is to train supervisors who oversee commercial drivers that perform safety-sensitive functions to make reasonable suspicion determinations for drug and alcohol use in compliance with the Department of Transportation's (DOT’s) alcohol and drug regulations at 49 CFR 382.603 (training for supervisors), and the organization’s policy and procedures. By the time the session is over, supervisors will be able to identify the requirements of DOT’s alcohol and drug regulations; understand how alcohol and drugs affect health and performance; identify signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use; make appropriate reasonable suspicion determinations; conduct effective reasonable suspicion interviews; and understand when alcohol and drug tests are required and how tests are conducted. (121 minutes)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Do your employees need mandatory sexual harassment prevention training? A variety of courses are available covering what sexual harassment is, how to avoid it and, should it occur, how to report it, so that employers stay vigilant. State-specific courses for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine and New York meet state-specific requirements.

Sexual Harassment: What Employees Need to Know (English or Spanish)

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This training presentation will inform you about sexual harassment. We hope that awareness will help lead to prevention. At the end of this session, you will be able to recognize sexual harassment; differentiate between the two main kinds of harassment; understand and follow company policy; report incidents and cooperate in investigations; and help promote and maintain a comfortable, productive working environment.


Al terminar esta sesión de capacitación, usted podrá reconocer un acoso sexual, diferenciar entre dos clases principales de acoso, comprender y seguir la política del lugar de trabajo, denunciar incidentes y colaborar en las investigaciones y ayudar a fomentar y mantener un clima de trabajo confortable y productivo.

Workplace Safety Courses

Are your employees ready to respond to incidents in their environment? Are they prepared to work outdoors in extreme conditions? These online courses for your supervisors and workforce will help them improve their workplace safety skills. Many courses are offered in Spanish or are state-specific for California.

Active Shooter On-Site: What Every Employee Should Do

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Mass shootings have become all too commonplace, whether they are due to acts of terrorism, hate, or mental instability. Fortunately, there are things you can do to be prepared and to respond to survive. This training course is designed for workers who could find themselves in an active shooter situation before law enforcement arrives, and it describes methods to limit the damage and save lives both before and during these traumatic incidents. During this session, you’ll learn what an active shooter is, how to prepare for and respond to an active shooter, and how to recognize warning signs of potential violence. (22 minutes)

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