FAQs for Online Training Course

Helpful Hints

1. Use a computer or laptop to take the course. ATSSA online training is not currently compatible with tablets or mobile devices.

2. Avoid using Internet Explorer. Firefox is the recommended web browser for ATSSA online training.
3. The course will typically pop up in a separate window. Check your Pop-Up Blocker settings.

For items not included on this page or if further assistance is needed please contact ATSSA Customer Service at 1-800-272-8772 or customerservice@atssa.com

1. Check your email account’s Junk Folder for an email from CourseMill
2. If registered by a colleague, check to makre sure your email address was used.  A unique email address is required for each student to ensure they have access to the training course, receive technical assistance, and are provided with credit for completing training.

2. Contact customerservice@atssa.com

1. Try logging completely out of your course and then logging back in

2. If for any reason the disclaimer pop-up does not show up for you to return to the previous spot, try disabling all pop-up blockers on your computer.

1. Be sure to take the course on a computer, not a mobile device.

2. If you are using the Safari browser on a Mac computer please follow the following instructions-

I. Click on the Safari icon (top left of screen)

II. Click on Preferences

III. Go to Websites

IV. On the left click AUTO-PLAY.

V. At the bottom, "ALLOW ALL AUDIO PLAY" only.

VI. Restart the course window, the audio will start playing.

Make sure that you have clicked on or pasted your entire course link into your browser.